Simplify Overdraft Compliance & Administration

When it comes to managing an overdraft program, increasing regulatory requirements over the past few years have created significant administrative burdens  and added costs for community banks and credit unions. 

While core systems are struggling to add capabilities for tracking and providing required data, the bulk of compliance has fallen on  financial institutions.  Managing daily overdraft workloads can easily take 1-2 employees if handled manually.  

Here's where IMPACT can help you.  IMPACT Overdraft Solutions (IOS) includes software to streamline daily tasks  and provides a centralized solution for compliance tracking and reporting such as:

  • Ongoing Regulation E Opt-In consent marketing, confirmations and reports.
  • Excessive use monitoring, communications and reporting.
  • Compliance and management reporting to ensure proper board oversight and provide documentation of compliance.
  • Bulk mail option to further streamline consumer communications.

For about 1/3 the cost of one full time employee, IOS can ensure regulatory compliance, improve profitability, and significantly reduce the time and cost required to administer overdraft programs.

Why consider giving up a valuable and appreciated consumer service because of regulatory overload?  IOS provides and inexpensive solution for administering bank overdraft programs.

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