IOS -The Clear Choice for Overdraft Programs

The IMPACT Overdraft Solutions Program is designed to help banks and credit unions create a more efficient and consumer friendly overdraft program, improve account holder satisfaction and loyalty, mitigate regulatory risk and assure program compliance in an ever changing regulatory climate.

Our 100% compliance guarantee and best in class overdraft management software application makes IMPACT the clear choice to be your overdraft solutions provider  

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"IMPACT Overdraft Manager Improves Efficiency and Reduces Cost" (ICBA)

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The IMPACT Overdraft Solutions Program is  endorsed by:

Other Solutions for Financial Institutions

Overdraft programs are our core business and we focus our resources towards making our solution the best on the market today.

We also strive to bring our customers products and services through select alliance partners that we believe will  enhance profitability while keeping costs low.

EtherTel Networks specializes in telecommunications consulting and brokering. They are dedicated solely to helping businesses reduce overspending while providing industry proven consultation on ways to create a more efficient telecom model.   read more...

What our customers are saying...

“When we decided to offer an Overdraft program in 2004, we looked at three programs before making the final decision. 

Of course, pricing was a concern, and Impact’s pricing was the best value.  But the area that we were most impressed with was that Impact guaranteed us if we would use their program the way that it was developed to be used that we would always be in compliance and have no compliance issues. 

We have had more than one compliance examination since the program’s inception, and we have never had any problem with the examiners with our Overdraft Program.

When we have had any questions regarding any area of the program Impact has always been prompt with a reply”.  

Radford West - Macon Bank & Trust Co